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Tom is available to perform at events for anything from 5 minutes to 90 minutes and the act can be customised to fit the situation on request. 


The show is combination of nerdy skills, memory, rapid mathematics & comedy. It's sweet, heartfelt and sincere while also making you feel like you learned something. 

Tom is family friendly, while also suiting corporate events or comedy clubs. Below you'll find descriptions of the three shows Tom currently performs.


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Shows: Welcome


Some might say Tom Crosbie's nerdiness knows no bounds. Tom disagrees; his nerdiness does know bounds, it's just that nobody has found the scale to measure it on yet.


Tom's third sellout show sees him taking a jaunt into the unknown, with only his wit, cunning and surprising skills with a Rubik's cube to guide him.


Does it count as showing off if you thoroughly impress people with a performance packed with talents that nobody has any earthly business learning? If so, this nerd's nerd is quite the show-off. His show is on. Come see it.

Tom's third show premiered at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival to exclusively 5-Star reviews!

Nerd Time's A Charm
Shows: Inner_about
You Can't Polish A Nerd


A statistically insignificant amount taller than Tom Cruise, Tom Crosbie is the nerdiest comedian at the Fringe and will have a Rubik's Cube race with anyone that claims otherwise.

4% older and over 9% funnier than last year, he returns with a show delightfully peppered with funny words, and awkwardly topped by one very rude one.

Join him for 3,333 seconds of fun… if you dare. To be honest, you should probably come even if you don't dare – it's really not that dangerous.

Tom's second show premiered at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Festival and is currently Tom's main show

Shows: Inner_about


What if your superpowers were setting Rubik's cube records, lightning fast mathematics and memory skills? 

What if your kryptonite was human contact, nightclubs & the memory of Lotty rejecting you in the playground age 10?

Join Tom Crosbie on the scenic route to self improvement, as he masters the talents nobody knew he needed!

Tom's first 60 minute one-man show premiered in 2015 at the Chamber of Secrets theatre in Spain. 

Nerd Do Well Poster
Shows: Inner_about
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