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What is Gangway?

Gangway is a mini-social media app designed for people that work on cruise ships. 

Get started in 3 easy steps: 

  1. Download the app and create a profile (for iPhone and Android)

  2. Input which ships you'll be on and when

  3. Add your friends

You'll receive notifications when you'll be joining a ship with a friend, or when you'll be in port with another ship that has your friends on it!

It's also a handy way of seeing, at a glance, which ports you'll be stopping at, and even seeing what other crew members are saying about that port!

"This bar gives discounts to crew"

"The Starbucks wi-fi password is xyz2024"

This app is 100% free. It has ZERO ads. And once set up, it works completely offline. 

This app is a gift from me to the cruise ship community.


S I G N   U P   N O W

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